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We carry out diagnoses and programs to reduce the cost per kilometer or cost per hour of the engines focused on the main variables that are part of the operating costs of the equipment, such as: fuel savings, extension of oil and filter change intervals. , maintenance cost reduction, tire management programs in the case of automotive application, among others.

SOLUCON GROUP advises and accompanies you in the implementation of strategies to optimize performance and reduce the cost of equipment operation.

Of the 100% of fuel that is tanked, only approximately 33% is transformed into useful energy in an engine to move the load or do its work, the other 33% of energy is transferred in the form of heat to the cooling and radiation system, the remaining 33% of energy is expelled by high-temperature exhaust gases.

Our focus is to optimize the performance of the engines to achieve a reduction in fuel consumption with the implementation of the following activities:

  • Diagnosis and creation of the base line of fuel consumption of the fleet or of a sample of equipment considering the operating conditions.

  • Determination of potential savings from the initial diagnosis.

  • Development of ECM engine control module calibrations to control injection and engine operation.

  • Implementation of fuel saving technologies in equipment.

Engine Fuel savings


Reduced maintenance costs

With our preventive and predictive maintenance plans, significant savings are achieved since the parts of the equipment are changed or repaired depending on their condition and at the same time extending the useful life of the components.

With our statistical analysis programs for lubricants, change extensions of up to twice the current maintenance interval can be achieved, for which we implement rigorous and reliable monitoring of the oil and filter change extension process that considers various factors such as:

  • Load factor or fuel consumption rate

  • Oil analysis with oil properties, wear metals and contaminants.

  • Metal wear rate.

  • New oil additions.

Oil and filter change extensions

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