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Preventive maintenance is a methodology that allows determining a group of activities to be executed on a recurring basis based on the age or operating time of a piece of equipment or component, whose activities normally they are lubrications, changes, adjustments and measurements. Preventive or planned maintenance offers many benefits  such as increased equipment availability and durability, avoids catastrophic failures, reduce maintenance cost, improves reliability and performance, among others.

In the engine preventive maintenance process we provide advice and support in the following activities:

  • Development of maintenance routines adjusted to the operation and age of the equipment

  • Support in difficult Diagnosis, repair of engines and components

  • Analysis of frequent failures in the equipment and implementation of improvement actions

  • Implementation of real-time diagnostic tools for Cummins engines

  • Calculation of reliability, availability, cost per kilometer and other maintenance indicators

  • Statistical calculation of the leading maintenance indicators such as MTTF, MTBF, MTTR and availability segmented by the different equipment systems, age of the equipment, etc.

  • Design of control boards and visual management for the management of indicators

  • Optimization of maintenance processes 

  • Digitization of maintenance processes

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